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The Health Benefits of Chicory Root

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The chicory root has many benefits that most people are not aware of. So, chicory is among the plants that are in the dandelion family. In most cases, plants in that family have characteristic blue flowers. Most of the time, a lot of people usually grind the root of the chicory plant and then use it in place of coffee or together with coffee. Some people still use the seeds and leaves of the chicory plant to make some foods. Discussed in this article are some of the most knowledgeable health benefits of chicory root.

To start with, use of the chicory root in whatever form help lower the amount of intake of glucose in the intestines. The place in the body where glucose is based in the small intestines. According to the research that has bee done, when one consumes glucose together with the extracts from the chicory root, the amount of glucose being absorbed in the small intestines reduces significantly. The main cause for the reduced levels of absorption of glucose in the small intestines is the rise in viscosity in the intestines because of the extract from the chicory root. In the event, you are on a ketogenic diet and you take in food that has glucose, if you incorporate extracts from the chicory root, there will be a reduction in the amount of glucose that is absorbed.

The other health benefit of the chicory root is that it increases that number of beneficial bacteria while at the same time reducing the numbers of pathogenic bacteria. Chicory root has inulin. This inulin has been proven to provide good conditions and stimulate the growth of the beneficial bacteria that are found in the large intestines. This beneficial bacteria as indicated on their name have a lot of benefits one of which is to curb the growth of tumours there. Also, the extract from chicory roots has also been proven to slow down the growth of the pathogenic bacteria. Find out more here.

Also, extracts from the chicory root are a very good addition in the vent you are in a ketogenic diet. There are studies that have shown how the extracts form the chicory root can help to make the gut microbiome better as well as improving other variables that affect health. There are so many other health benefits that this article could not cover. But one thing is clear. Extracts from the chicory root ae very beneficial. Find out more here: